Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Twittering about USA - collected (and with correct time line)

1 Forgot my MP3-Player.
2 Finally got out of that plane.
3 Welcome to The Sims country!
4 Woke up at 1.30 at night.
5 Went to the zoo and Japantown.
6 Touched a snake.
7 Watched Twilight.
8 Went with a dog to the beach.
9 Watched Grey's.
10 Went to the beach again.
11 Watched a movie. Fell asleep and forgot it's name. Probably wasn't that good. But with Johnny Depp.
12 Was holing a parrot.
13 Driving throught small towns around LA at the coast.
14 Made friends with a dog.
15 Going Whale Watching.
16 Was watching Bones.
17 Got a kiss from a dog.
18 Always thought I was more a catperson than a dogperson. Was probably wrong with that.
19 I actually did see dolphins!
20 Not to mention all the seals, pelicans and hummingbirds. Not at the same time and not necessarily in this order.
21 And I did see a whale! Two actually!
22 It's not that I haven't been in an Apple Store, but this one 's in America. ;)
23 Went to Las Vegas.
24 Was wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night.
25 Decided Vegas to be my favorite city.
26 Went past a prison area, a military base and 100 miles of landscape looking the same everywhere.
27 Welcome to Bon Jovi country!
28 Went through Death Valley.
29 Went to Mono Lake. Digusting flies all around it making a black line.
30 Went to a Ghost Town.
31 Bathing in Hot Springs.
32 Smelling smoke.
33 Went to the Mystery Spot.
34 Saw Franz Ferdinand and Green Day live in concert in San Jose!
35 In memory of JD Saner.
36 Drank tea in the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park.
37 Went over the Golden Gade Brindge (2x).
38 Was camping in the Yosemite and it was raining. Didn't see any stars.
39 Squirels and chipmonks. Lots of it.
40 Baby dear and mom dear.
41 Alcatraz. Prison in the missle of a bay. Fascinating.
42 Pier 39. Smells. But cute.
43 Walked down Lombard Street. Doen't feel that steep.
44 Monterey Aquarium. Fish, otter, sea horeses looking like plants, sea horses looking like dragons, very tiny sea horses. And sea stars!
45 Beach at Carmele. There is white sand! Really!
46 Beach in Capitola. Incl. concert.
47 37° - im Schatten.
48 Went by Cable Car. Standing at the sides is really fun.
49 Apple Store SF.
50 Chinatown. Really hot again.
51 Inglourius bastards. Piece of a genius. Well, knew that bevor. Great movie!
52 Big sur. Nice. :)
53 Carmel. White beach once again.

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